A modern Rust debugger library

Headcrab: August 2020 progress report

We are working towards creating a modular, composable, and modern debugger library for Rust, and this month there has been a lot of exciting progress thanks to our supporters and contributors.

We have extended core functionality, implementing important debugger features such as stack unwinding (which is necessary for displaying backtraces), reading of local variables, and disassembly view.

In total, this month there have been 20 pull requests:

What’s next?

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be working on next month:

We always need help, so if you’d like to join, we have a Zulip chat where we coordinate the development. You can help in a lot of ways: ideas, developer experience, design, documentation, and code. We also welcome first-time contributors and we would be happy to mentor you!

You can also support our work financially by contributing to our OpenCollective.


Last but not least, we are planning to move towards more open & transparent governance model for our community.

For now, we have been following the “Benevolent Dictator” governance model, when the person who starts the project takes decisions and coordinate efforts, and it is natural to see in the begging when it also helps to minimize bureaucracy at a smaller scale. However, as our community grows, we have a goal of transitioning to a board-driven, inclusive decision-making framework.


This month’s contributors were:

Project sponsors

This month, Khonsu Labs and Embark have joined us as sponsors. Thank you!

OpenCollective backers and GitHub sponsors:

Thank you for your support!

Financial transparency

We have spent €102 in July:

At the end of this month, our total remaining balance is $284.


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